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Ostwald Residence, Dalby

Working with Martin Building Design resulted in the creation of a beautiful home we just loved living in. They were just so great to work with. The project team incorporated some ideas we had in mind and pulled it all together in the building requirement. We are fortunate to have designers of such calibre right here in Dalby.

Matt Ostwald, Client

Dalby Rural Supplies

Martin Building Design were selected for the Dalby Rural Supplies project which included the refurbishment of the Old Butter Factory building established in 1905, suitable extension to the building and extensive site development because they are a local company with excellent experience and a good understanding of  both business and rural needs. They worked closely with our Staff, Council and the Builder to achieve a purpose designed and built Rural Supplies facility. The 108 year old building has been restored to its former glory whilst being recycled instead of being dismantled.

John Cullen, Partner, Dalby Rural Supplies

SteveBunya Mountains Residence

The innovative design of the house not only minimised the earthworks required, it also gave us fantastic views. The house also has minimal environmental impact as all floors, walls and ceilings are insulated, all roof water is stored and an EnviroCycle septic system has been installed.

Jeff Bryant, Owner

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