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Dalby & District Friendly Soiciety

Martin Building Design was selected to assist with the evaluation and selection of a suitable building for the establishment of a Health centre. They are a local company with skilled staff, excellent experience and a comprehensive understanding of both business and the rural community requirements for the facility. They worked closely with our board, the builder and the Council to achieve a purpose designed health centre. The old pre-school was transformed to a modern facility through careful recycling of the building and effective use of the site.

James Bannerman, CEO, Dalby & District Friendly Society Dispensary

Diesel Care Dalby

Martin Building Design really had a handle on what we wanted. We ended up with an impressive new building that reflects the quality of the Diesel Care name, with room for future growth and workshops that were just what we were looking for. They did most of the dealings with Council which really took the pressure off us. We've had positive feedback from all round the country and couldn't be happier.

Gavin Bradford, Director, Diesel Care

Western Downs Regional Council

Martin Building Design was selected for the Western Downs
On Drayton refurbishment project because they are a local company with excellent experience and a good understanding of local needs.” They worked closely with Council, the Project Manager and the staff to achieve a purpose designed and built administration Centre which offers a streamlined and significantly improved service delivery to our customers. We are proud of our new Corporate Office in Dalby with its 150 Staff and room for future expansion which ensures this landmark building is a sustainable design for Council’s requirements into the future.

Cr Ray Brown, Mayor, Western Downs Regional Council

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